Scarlett Etienne

Scarlett Etienne

One of a rising breed of young producers permeating the London club scene, Scarlett delivers a unique sound cultivated through a life-long love of music.


Scarlett Etienne is one of the hottest properties on the music scene right now – name-checked by the likes of Sasha (who named her “Breakthrough DJ of 2008” in the Top 100 issue of DJMag), signed up to represent Pioneer Pro DJ, and dressed by fashion heavyweight Matthew Williamson, she’s equally at home in the dance press as she is in Vogue.

One of a rising breed of young producers permeating the London club scene, Scarlett delivers a unique sound cultivated through a life-long love of music. Born in Hong Kong to a US military family, Scarlett stunned her parents by climbing onto the piano stool while still a toddler and playing whatever she heard by ear. Music lessons followed, with Scarlett playing in bands throughout her teens, adding the electric guitar to her prodigious piano talent. After travelling across the world, she settled in New York City at 18, while there her revelatory discovery of dance music left her classical leanings at the wayside.

An avid clubland face, she spent time perfecting her own deck skills, inspired by NYC DJs Danny Tenaglia, Larry Tee, and Junior Vasquez, soon landing her first residency in the early Noughties at New York’s Sound Factory. Her sets quickly caught the ears of the DJ A-list who guested at the club, and before long Scarlett found herself invited overseas. Over the next few years she proceeded to evolve her sound and establish her own distinct style on the international club scene. 

It was through Crosstown Rebels impresario Damian Lazarus, that she was offered her UK debut at the Crosstown Rebels party, Out Of Order at The End in London. Her inspired performances triggered bookings for residencies at Tribal Sessions, Manchester, Alter Ego and Il Muretto in Italy, and a spot on the roster of the prestigious Excession agency in the UK. 

As well as gracing the decks in countries far and wide on a regular basis, Scarlett has enjoyed a prolific production partnership with Audiofly. “Loose Lips Sync Ships” was signed to the prestigious German label Boxer and a second track; “Earsex” released on Kevin Griffiths’ label Tsuba. A recent rediscovery of the piano and writing music alongside her productions has found Scarlett moonlighting as a singer/songwriter, performing her own synth pop tracks both on stage and mid set when the urge takes her. Her unbridled passion for all things music led Scarlett to launch her own label in 2010; Starlett Records releases her own productions with remixes from the likes of Joe and Will Ask and Mat Playford, and awaits the discovery of new, unsigned talent. 

Her diverse schedule currently includes gigs, cabaret shows, fashion shows, DJ mixes (including a guest mix for NME Radio and podcast on itunes where you can catch all her DJ mixes and other Starlett artists’ mixes), looking for new artists to sign, productions, and more. And despite so many different influences and passions, from MGMT to Cocteau Twins, Jay-Z to Tchaikovsky, and Lady Gaga to Simian Mobile Disco, Scarlett’s “total obsession with synthesisers” ultimately drives her style. “My music is total party music” she says, “it’s always punchy, dramatic and electronically influenced.”

Scarlett has now signed to the Mainstage Artists roster. 2011 will see her working with Pioneer Pro DJ after they took her innovative ideas on board to develop the CDJ-2000 for the digital DJ. She is also working closely with Native Instruments to incorporate their cutting-edge software, including Guitar Rig, into her live sets. From 15 minute sets to accompany fashion shows (she has compiled her first soundtrack for the runway show for Ziad Ghanem's iconic Autumn/Winter 2010/11 Haute Couture collection at Somerset House for London Fashion Week 2010) to full DJ sets and live performances, Scarlett’s star continues to ascend as she stamps her imaginative style on dancefloors and stages across the globe.

Public Admission $20 for ladies, $25 for men (incl. 1 drink)


Saturday, June 27 from 9PM

@ Kyo 133 Cecil Street, #B1-02, Keck Seng Tower, Singapore 

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